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BC Bootstrapping and Googling

BC Bootstrapping and Googling 0

Now I just needed to figure out how to make money. I could provide a better service at a better price (free) than my competition. Who doesn’t like free? But my competition was actually able to make the product. 
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Early BC

Early BC 53

The early days of BC were totally different from today. NOTHING was made in-house. I was a freelance artist who would get you shirts. Technically, it wasn't BC yet. I wasn't incorporated, I was just a "designer"
Start Your Business

Start Your Business 1

Starting a business sounds hard and scary, but it's really not. You can get your business "up and running" in a matter of hours. The work that it takes to actually build the business is the tough part. But the first step to starting your own business is...
My Name is Nick James

My Name is Nick James 2

My name is Nick James. I own a small business in South Florida (specifically a print shop) that I have bootstrapped since 2012.
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