Start Your Business

Start Your Business

Starting a business sounds hard and scary, but it's really not. You can get your business "up and running" in a matter of hours. The work that it takes to actually build the business is the tough part. But the first step to starting your own business is...

  • Take the damn leap

If you're waiting to launch your business when everything is perfect, then you're never going to launch. Just start and see where it goes

    • Choose a name
    Honestly, unless you're raising capital and rolling out a branding initiative, your name doesn't matter much either. Your company name is the name that goes on official documents like taxes, contracts, vendor agreements, etc. But you can have a DBA (doing business as) that is more friendly for the customer. Check your credit card statements. Companies you're familiar with charge you under a different name than the one on the outside of their store.
    • Start on social
    Once you have a name, introduce your company on social media. It's best to double up with introducing your business from your personal accounts too. This way your friends and family can help spread the word and your business gets a face people can associate with. Don't worry about people thinking you're not a big company.  
    • Choose a business structure

    Many different structures exist. LLC is the best option in my point of view for a few reasons. Most notably you have personal liability from your debts. Many large companies started this way, like Facebook 🤔You can get a good breakdown HERE

    • Register your business
    Simple and straight forward. If your business is in Florida, use Fees should not exceed a few hundred dollars.
    • Bank Account
    Set up a different bank account for your business. You don't want to commingle your personal cash with business funds. It's an easy way to get lost and misunderstand the state of your business. Ask your bank about opening a business account with them. 
    • Sell some stuff

    Now go ahead and see what demand is like. The easiest and cheapest way is to sell on social (I like Instagram). See what people think of your product, how much they'll pay for it, what they would change about it. Collect as much data as you can so you can tweak things to create more sales. If you don't have inventory yet, take "Pre-Orders". Now you know exactly how many items you need to make and how much money you have upfront. 

    You've started a business. Now the hard stuff begins!

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