What Skills Do You Even Have Coming Out of College?

What Skills Do You Even Have Coming Out of College?

Today I learned that you are literally skill-less coming out of college. I'm sure you've acquired some specificĀ šŸ»skills, but as far as getting a job is concerned , you are basically a big pile of šŸ’©

I mean what do you even learn in college besides how toĀ memorize info that is given to you via powerpoint? With the speed the world is changing most ofĀ that info is outdated anyway.

Similar to the refrain, "why don't we teach high school kids things they'll use, like how to balance a checkbook, file for taxes,Ā personal finance, etc?". Why don't we develop college students in the same manner their inevitable jobĀ will have to??

I'm currently working with aĀ college level business class (mostly juniors and seniors). The premise is that they are consultants and working on a project for me. I'm teaching them to use my project management platform, they're asking questions, the project is geared towards social media so they have a solid grasp on concepts, except for one big thing.

Their proposal included increasing total revenue by $300šŸ¤” And when I gently inserted that $300 isn't much money and maybe they should increase their proposal, they decided to up it to $500šŸ˜²

Now obviously these students and have minimal world experience and even less experience running a business and all the financials it involves, blah, blah, blah...

It just blows my mind that business students a few semesters away from graduating and entering the business world would propose such a ludicrously low amount to increase company revenue by. This just showcases how little real world concepts go into higher education.

Some questions I asked the team:

"Why would I spend time and money to hire your team, get you up to speed,Ā offer youĀ my internal resources for a return of $500?"

"What pay would you expect for this project?"

"What the f**k are they teaching you?"

And the most messed up thing is, I was the SAME EXACT WAY when I was in business school. I did not get an idea of any of this until IĀ took this same course and ultimately founded BC.

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