WTB Policy

Please see below for our policy regarding WTB Merchandise & Uniforms:

Due to an overwhelming amount of calls, customer service for WTB orders will be executed through email. Phone Support will be available individually for a yearly Customer Service fee ($99.99).

Team managers will be able to reach us via phone (as long as professional and courteous) so any problems can be detailed to them for a quick resolution. Your understanding regarding this policy change is greatly appreciated at this time. 

Please note that emails will be returned within 24-48 hours.

By nature, By College Tees does not posses information about your coaches, practice schedule, game schedule, or team uniform choice. Please be sure that your order contains correct items, as customized goods cannot be returned or refunded.

Rush Service requires a fee for 7 Day Express Shipping and 3 Day ASAP Shipping. If you choose our Free 2 Week Shipping, your order (approved items only) will ship according to the production schedule. Please be advised that once the item is given to a mail service we no longer have access to the product. Some delays are unavoidable due to current Covid-19 protocols.

Our production timeline begins the business day AFTER you placed your order.  Business days include Monday - Friday without any holiday interruption.

Details regarding the production process:

We keep a minimal inventory to allow for greater product selection for WTB. Therefore, please understand the process is longer than a standard retail store as we have to order your unique product, size, and color from our supplier. This ordering occurs 2-4 times per week on average. The products ordered vary in ship time from one to seven days. 

As we try to keep production time between 7-10 business days. Customized goods may take an additional 3-5 business days for production.

Tournament Jerseys have a unique supplier and require a longer process than practice jerseys. The timeline for production is detailed on the product page and these can not be rushed for any reason.

Hats are bulk produced and inventory is refilled once a minimum level is reached.

Any changes/updates to an order starts the order timeline over at the beginning.

Some packages are delayed by the carrier, for various reasons which By College Tees has limited control over. We cannot account for shipping carrier problems. Hence, we cannot replace your order for free prior to the carrier declaring the package officially lost. After this declaration, we can rush the produce the order, or refund the order. We cannot guarantee your order will arrive within the timeline we gave you, but rather do our best to estimate. 

Current Production Updates:

At this time the entire league ordering, our production process has been longer. We appreciate your patience. We are working to get everyone their practice jerseys first and we are back on schedule for practice jersey production.

We have reached out to multiple hat suppliers and they all are having supply chain issues. We placed a large bulk order on August 10th for blank red/white hats and black hats with the largest supplier in the industry. We expected to complete embroidery and ship the hats 3 weeks later. However, we only recently received half of the inventory and rushed production of 250 hats. Those hats are being shipped out daily.

Recently our supplier has advised us we will not receive the SM and L/XL Black hats until mid October at the earliest because of their inventory issues. Then we will rush embroider the blank goods. We are reaching out individually to customers who ordered those items with the following choice

  • Keep the same sizing and wait for the inventory. We will fulfill the orders as is.
  • Switch SM Black hats to size XS (We have extra inventory in XS) and we can fulfill immediately. XS sizing over laps to SM in most cases. You can try to stretch the hats on your own as well.
We are sending this offer to team managers and individually to parents who ordered. We will accommodate changes in the order we receive them.
We are seeing similar delays for Tournament Jersey production but we are working around some supply chain issues.
Due to over 250 Tournament jerseys in 4 different colors, we have aggregated Tournament Jersey production according to color, order date and sizing. 
Black Tournament Jerseys
  • Ordered before August 16 - Expected Completion: September 20 - September 27
  • Ordered after August 16 - Expected Completion:  October 1 - October 14 (Update pending)
White Tournament Jerseys
  • Ordered before August 16 - Expected Completion: (Youth sizes Completed) Adult sizes - September 30 - Oct 7
  • Ordered after August 16 - Expected Completion:  October 1 - October 14 (Update pending) 
Charcoal Tournament Jerseys
  • Ordered before August 16 - Expected Completion: September 30 - Oct 7
  • Ordered after August 16 - Expected Completion:  October 1 - October 14 (Update pending)
Red Pinstriped Tournament Jerseys
  • Ordered before August 16 - Expected Completion: September 24 - Oct 1
  • Ordered after August 16 - Expected Completion:  October 1 - October 14 (Update pending)
Sorry for the delays and appreciate your understanding.